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How we can help

As money mentors, we will provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability you need to take control of your finances. We work with those who have never been taught about money, are struggling to save, or are scared to tackle debt or start investing. Through fun, engaging and empowering programs, we meet you where you are and help you set financial goals, create a plan to achieve them, and provide ongoing support to stay on track.
We offer a suite of services - each designed to adapt to your circumstances and help you move closer to financial freedom!

Financial Coaching

Feeling confused, overwhelmed or defeated when it comes to your finances? Are you ready to receive support, accountability and feel confident in making money moves? Then come join us!  We offer personalized coaching tailored to meet you  where you are! We cover topics including Money Mindset, Goal-Setting, Budgeting, Saving, Credit, Debt, Investing and more!

1:1 Coaching

Looking for that ultimate support and accountability to get your money right? Get clarity on your money goals and create a personalized game plan that puts you on a path to success!


FREE 30-min consultation

55-min sessions begin at $197/month

Couples Coaching

Not on the same page with your partner when it comes to money? Or do you find it difficult to talk to one another when it comes to your finances? Develop the tools for you and your partner to achieve your money goals together!

FREE 30-min consultation

55-min sessions begin at $197/month

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It is SO WORTH IT! Just do it! Jasmine and Chidozie provide a judgment-free, personal, and FUN approach to teaching finances.

Nadia - Financial Coaching Client



  • Highly personalized game plan to help you achieve your financial goals 

  • Understanding around various financial topics including Budgeting, Credit, Debt Investing, and more!   

  • Action Items & Progress logs to help you reflect on and implement your goals following each session  

  • Emotional support, accountability and motivation through individualized slack access in between sessions 

  • Improved communication with your partner around money 
    (Couples Coaching)


  • A customized system to help you and your partner manage your money and achieve your shared  financial goal
    (Couples Coaching)

  • Access to community slack channel 

  • Access to monthly Master Classes 


Boot Camps

Struggling to save for the future while paying off debt? Looking to start a business? Conquer your specific money goal with other like-minded individuals by joining our 4-week group class!

Four 60-min weekly sessions - $297

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Understanding important ways to budget, save money, prioritize for a specific cause, reflect on spending trends, learning about credit cards and just talking about money in a positive way is very healthy for overall wellness. This program really changed my mindset about money from something I needed to control to something that can help me reach a happier lifestyle.

Monique, Financial Coaching Client



  • An intensive and focused learning experience on a particular topic such as accelerating your savings, investing, or starting a business 

  • A safe and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, learn from your peers, and provide mutual encouragement

  • Concrete action items and resources that you can easily implement after each weekly session   

  • Opportunities to network and connect with individuals who are working towards similar financial goals  

Master Class

Master Classes

Do you want to increase your credit score? Trying to avoid getting into debt? What about learning how to invest? Set yourself up for future success by learning valuable strategies on a specific money topic through our monthly Master Classes.

60-min monthly sessions - $39

Chidozie and Jasmine have great chemistry (which is important when working together to provide a service). They were very honest, very knowledgeable, and patient (which I believe is key when dealing with such a sensitive subject such as personal finances). 

Ola - Financial Coaching Client

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  • In-depth, comprehensive education on practical financial topics such as budgeting, credit, avoiding debt, investing, networking, tax optimization, increasing your credit score, and more! 

  • Access to guest speakers who are industry experts in various fields, providing you with additional insights and perspectives on different financial topics  

  • Valuable resources such as reference materials, recommended tools, and additional learning materials  

  • Exclusive deals on upcoming offers and services 


Speaking Engagements

Companies trust B.A.M. to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations that educates and empowers the audience on numerous topics. Interested in having B.A.M. at an upcoming conference or event?   

It was phenomenal to have Chidozie fly in from NY to speak at an event hosted by Diverse Network to discuss the "Intersection of Finance & Emotions." Wow, not only did he amaze the audience with his knowledge in Finance, but he also shared stories of how he was able to pay off his debt with his $40k salary at the time and exactly how he was able to do that. If your company is on the fence about hiring B.A.M., call me, so you don't miss out on an amazing opportunity!

Jordan - Founder & President of Diverse Network and J.Nish Consulting


  • B.A.M. conducts various speaking engagements including  presentations, panel discussions, and podcast interviews. 

  • Companies, organizations, and institutions trust B.A.M. to deliver dynamic and engaging discussions that educate and empower audiences, employees, students, and other stakeholders on numerous financial topics including the Money Mindset, Budgeting, Credit, Investing, and more! 

  • Attendees walk away with a fun, encapsulating experience that equips them with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial success! 


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