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Make it make cents !

Do you worry about making significant financial mistakes despite landing your dream job with an excellent salary? 

Are you a business owner who is burdened by the fear of losing everything you've built? 

That's where I come in!  

Financial Therapist 


Individual Coaching Program
Designed for you, with you

You're the expert of you. 

I'm the expert of money.

YOU + ME =
Hands down, the hardest math you'll ever do with me.
What To Expect:
  • Engage in a guilt free, 50-min virtual session with personalized money guidance.

  • Experience a safe and collaborative space to explore the intricacies of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around money.

  • Access to resource guides for financial organization and emotional understanding.  

  • Get a crystal-clear comprehension of your money goals and gain unwavering confidence through your financial journey​.

  • Achieve money mastery on essential topics, including:

    • Developing a healthy money mindset 

    • Crafting effective budgeting strategies

    • Implementing successful savings tactics

    • Creating a game plan to eliminate debt 

Make Money Moves

You deserve to live your dream life.

Your money is going to make it happen. 

Are you ready to stop winging it?

Our Individual Coaching Program is your personalized solution to finally getting ahead with money. 

It is SO worth it! Just do it! BAM provides a judgment-free, personal, and FUN approach to teaching finances.

Let's talk !

Nadia - Financial Coaching Client

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