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Couples  Coaching

Financial Therapist 

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No more secret spending and

avoiding money talks. 

I'm here to help you
stay in love,
not in debt. 

Couples Coaching Program
Designed to help you find Harmoney

My goal is to make your 
commitment & cash
last a lifetime
What To Expect:
  • Engage in 50-minute virtual sessions and develop effective communication strategies to openly discuss money (without the awkwardness!).

  • Access resource guides to enhance your financial planning and decision-making as a team.

  • Achieve a crystal-clear understanding of your shared money goals and aspirations.

  • Navigate money-related emotions and enhance both your financial and emotional wellness.

  • Achieve money mastery on essential topics, including:

    • Developing a healthy money mindset that supports your individual and shared financial well-being

    • Crafting effective budgeting strategies 

    • Implementing successful savings tactics to fulfill your dreams

    • Create a comprehensive game plan to eliminate debt

Dream Together. Grow Together. 

Are you and your partner ready to be

B.F.F.s (Best Financial Friends)?

Our Signature Couples Coaching Program will unlock the next level in your relationship.

Transform your (financial) relationship. 

The couples coaching has been an amazing experience for us and has really helped us to get in alignment about our financial goals. 

Sherri & Montez - Couples Coaching Clients

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